Sunday, 8 November 2015

Add Any App To Main Menu

Add Any App To Main Menu..
Note:- The App You Want To Add In Main Menu Must Be Signed.. So Lets Start..
First Install MOBIMB And Connect Your Phone Via Usb Data Cable And Browse 'C//hiddenfolder/Menus/'
There You Can See A File Nammed 'menusetting.xml' Now Open It With Notepad.. Then Look For Nlinks And Add New Link at Very Last localapp://jam/launch?midlet-vendor=Vendor;midlet-name=Name
Replace Vendor With Apps Vendors Name And Replace Name With App Name. If There Is Any Space In Name Then Fill There %20.. Simply Paste These From Apps Jad File... Now Look For menuitem
And Add A New Nlink
.. Here The 11 Is The Id Of The App.. Note:- In Nlink And Id Nlink Id Must Be Same.. Then Save This menusetting.xml And Go To MOBIMB And Delete The Old menusetting.xml And Paste The Modded menusetting.xml And Restart Your Phone .. Now You're Done.. Enjoy ..

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