Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Copy Copyrighted Apps&Games

By Swami
This tutorial will guide you step by step.
<>>>>Necessary tools:1. Your Phone, 2. BlueFTP
Step-1: Lets take a system apps, eg, Maps
We have to copy this Maps application to MMC.
Step-2: Create a Backup of your phone.
To make a Backup, Goto "Settings"
Now click "Sync & backup"
Then "Create backup"
Select all
And press "Done".
Your Backup will be saved in "E:/Backup Files"
Step-3: Open BlueFTP
Locate E>Backup Files
You will see a file named "Backup***.NBF"
Rename it to "Backup***.NBF.zip"
Open the file (Double click on it)
Now locate the folder where "Maps" application was located.
Like in my phone Maps is located in "Apps&games"
i.e. C:/predefjava/predefappsgames/.
Browse to that folder.
Look at the folder "maps_APMH1_private". Note down the name without"_private"
i.e. none down "maps_APMH1". The jar and jad file have the same name "maps_APMH1.jar" & "maps_APMH1.jad" Then Extract Them.. And Enjoy...

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