Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hide Post On Facebook From Some Pepole

Facebook ..Everyone Uses It Now-a-days. And There're a Lot Of Facebook Tricks are Shared in The Internet Related to Facebook.
Today, I've Come With a New & Simple Yet Useful Trick. :)
As i Told, Now-a-days Everyone Uses Internet and Thus Our Parents and Relatives too.
So, When They're In Our Friendlist, It Becames Impossible to Share Some Things in Fear of Our Friends.
But, My This Trick will let you Post Anything that Anyone Can See, Except the One You Don't Want. :)
You All are Might Familiar With Facebook Audience, Means Who can See Your Post .. There's Where the Actual Trick Resides.
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So, Here's The Trick Goes ...
Follow The Below Steps, ToHide Facebook Post For Some People.
1. First, Go to The Account of The Person, You Want to Hide the Post To,
2. Than, Add That Friend to Your Acquintances List.
- If You're Using Mobile, Than Simply Go to The End Of The Profile, Click on Manage Lists and Tick on Acquintances and Save.
- If you're Using PC, Than Just Click On the Friends Options on the Cover, A drop Down List Will Appear. Select Acquintances From There. :)
3. After This Work is Done, Ready For Posting.
4. Type Anything You Want to Post or Add a Picture.
5. Than the Most Important Step.. Change The Privacy to Friends Except Acquintances.
So, Here Was The Trick, With Which, You Can Hide Anything From Some People thus Can Share Photos With Gf, Secret Party etc.
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