Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Remove Ads From Apps&Games

I'm Also an S40 User. I Also Use Many Apps and games. Hence I Know How Annoying These Ads Are .. And they Connect to Internet, So If We Don't Have Internet Pack, Our Balance Also Deducts.
So, Today I'll Teach You How To Remove Ads From Apps and Games.
By Reading This Post, You can Know how to Remove those Annoying Ads From Your App or Game. And You Can be Able toRemove Ads From Apps and Games. :)
So, Here's the Process ToRemove Ads From Apps and Games.
>>Tools Required ;-
1. BlueFTP,
2. OperaMini Mod
--Procedure -
Here's The Detailed Procedure With ScreenShots toRemove Ads From Apps and Games.
1. Open BlueFTP.
2. Go to your _jar file.
3. Rename it to .zip at the end.
4. Open the file.
5. Go to options and select all the files.
6. Go to options and select extract.
7. Press options and make a new folder.
8. Open that folder.
9. Press options and select extract here.
10. Now BlueFTP is extracting files.
11. After extraction is completed, a dialog box will come up.
12. Now press options and click search.
13. Type 'vserv' in the box.
14. Go down and tick unknown files.
15. Press accept.
16. Now BlueFTP is searching for the file.
17. After it is found, press options and select go to item.
18. Press back and remember the path where it is located.
19. Now close BlueFTP.
20. Open Opera Mini Mod.
21. Go to File Manager.
22. Scroll to the 'vserv' file.
23. Open it in HEX mode.
24. Go to page 2.
25. Go to options and select find/replace.
26. Type '99 00 05 04' in the find box and '9a 00 05 04' in the replace box with the spaces intact. Make sure you check the replace checkbox.
27. Now Opera Mini Mod will replace that binary.
28. Press options and save the file.
29. Close Opera Mini.
30. Open BlueFTP and open the folder.
31. Press options and select all files.
32. Press options and select compress files (jar).
33. Type a name and press ok.
34. Your New Cracked App Is Ready.. Now Close BlueFTP And Rename It _jar To .jar And Install It...
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