Sunday, 8 November 2015

Safe Hack For S40

>>Hack S40 Safely
--What Is Mean By Hacking..
Well, It's Mean Breaking Your Phones Security To Get Some Extra Feature Like, WhatsApp, Multitaskin, Give All Permisson, And Notification Etc.
>>> Is It Safe.??
>>> In My Opnion It's Safe If You Follow My Commands Carefully..
>>>How To Hack?
First Install Easy Service Tool In Your Pc.. Then Open It And Go To User Data Tool And Click On Read PP Then A Window Pop-Up File Will Be Shown.. Save It To Desktop And Open It With Notepad And Look For 48 2 And Replace It With 48 1.. Now Go To Easy Service Tool And Click On Upload PP.. Then A Pop-up Window Will Be Shown Then Select You Modified File.. And Click Save... And Restart You Phone.. Then It Will Ask 'Test In RANDIS MODE' Then Click No.. You're Done...

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