Saturday, 23 January 2016

How To Use AutoLiker

Hello friends ..
Most of You are Familiar With Autolike and Have Also Used It.

This Post is For Them, Who Still Don't Know What is a Autolike and How to Use Autolike.

So What's an Autolike ?
An Autolike is an Social Networking Tool, Which Lets You Fake Likes in Your Public Posts in Facebook.
You Can Use Autolike Tools to Increase Likes in Your Facebook Posts aand Be Popular Among Your Friend Circle. :)

How Autolike Works ?
The Autolike Saves Your Access Token, By which it Can Access Your Account to Give Likes and Comments From Your Account.
And It Just Stores the Access Tokens in a Database to Cross Like and Comment From Your Account.

How to Use Autolike ?
Using an Autolike is Not a Rocket-Science.
You Just Have to Create an Access Token For Your Account and Paste it in The Autoliker Machine. :)

Steps :

1. First Go to Any Autoliker Site. :)
Click Here To See AutoLiker Webstites List
2. After That, You'll See "Click Hereto Get Access Token".
Click the CLICK HERE Part to Go to Access Token Creation Page. :)

3. In The Next Page, You'll See Two Options.
Click The First Option and Give Permission to The Facebook Application by Pressing Ok Ok, Until an Success or Error Page Comes.

4. Next, Click The Second Link and Copy the URL of The Success Page. This's Your Token. :D

5. Now Go back to The Main Site, Paste Your Access Token in The Space Provided and Click On Submit.

6. Now You're Logged In. Click On AutoLiker App and Select Your Desired Status or Photo and Submit it For Increasing Likes. :D
Enjoy !!! Happy Facebooking...

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