Friday, 24 June 2016

Adverbs part-1

Adverbs are a very broad collection of words that may describe how, where, or when an action took place. They may also express the viewpoint of the speaker about the action, the intensity of an adjective or another adverb, or several other functions. Use these pages about the grammar of adverbs in English to become more precise and more descriptive in your speaking and writing.




Using adverbs in English

Adverbs modify, or tell us more about, other words. Usually adverbs modify verbs, telling us how, how often, when, or where something was done. The adverb is placed after the verb it modifies.
  • The bus moved slowly.
  • The bears ate greedily.
  • The car drove fast.
Sometimes adverbs modify adjectives, making them stronger or weaker.
  • You look absolutely fabulous!
  • He is slightly overweight.
  • You are very persistent.
Some types of adverbs can modify other adverbs, changing their degree or precision.
  • She played the violin extremely well.
  • You're speaking too quietly.


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