Thursday, 23 June 2016

English Grammar

English Grammar is that branch of knowledge which teaches us how to read,write and speak English correctly.
There are five kinds of English Grammar:-
1. Orthography
2. Etymology
3. Syntax
4. Punctuation
5. Prosody
Now let's know about all the types and their uses:-
1. Orthography :- That which deals with English letters or alphabet.
Note:- As we all know that there are 26 letters in English alphabet among them 5 are Vowels and 21 are Consonants.
Vowels:- The letter which is spoken without any other letter's help or independently is called vowel. e.g. A,E,I,O,U.
Note :- Indefinite Article An is used before any vowel sound.( Here we have to keep in our mind that letter is not important but sound.) eg. An apple , An elephant , An orange , An ink pot ,An umbrella , etc.
Consonant :- The letter which is spoken with the help of Vowel is called Consonant.
Note :- Indefinite Article A is used before any Consonant sound. eg. A book, A cat , A dog ,A mat , etc.

2. Etymology :- Combination of letters with perfect meaning is called Word and the process is called Etymology.
3. Syntax :- Group of words with complete sense is called Sentence and the process is called Syntax.
4. Punctuation :- It deals with all punctuatory marks like comma, full stop, sign of interrogation, sign of exclamation,etc.
Prosody :- It deals with English Rhymes .

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