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List of World’s Countries and their Intelligence

Commonly some questions asked in
competitive exams associated with Intelligence and
Detective Agencies of the World. If you are
preparing for different competitive examinations
like : IAS, TET, UPSC, PCS, SSC, Bank, MBA and
other government jobs then you must know about
Intelligence and Detective Agencies of the World.
Read Complete list of Intelligence and Detective
Agencies of the World :-

  • National Security Service (NSS)  - Armenia
  • Department of Intelligence and Security (DRS)  - Algeria
  • National Directorate of Security (NDS) -Afghanistan.                                                         
  • Central External Liaison Department  - China
  • Australian Security & Intelligence Organisation  - Australia
  • K.G.B./ G.R.U.  - Russia
  • Bureau of State Security (B.O.S.S)  - South Africa
  • M.I. (Military Intelligence) -5&6 , Special Branch, Joint Intelligence Organisation  - United Kingdom
  • Inter Services Intelligence (I.S.I)  - Pakistan
  • Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI)  - India
  • Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA),Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  - U.S.A.
  • MOSSAD  - Isreal
  • Mukhbarat  - Egypt
  • Naicho  - Japan
  • SAVAK (Sazamane Etelaat va Amniate Kechvar)  - Iran
  • AI Mukhbarat  - Iraq
  • D.G.S.E.(Direction General de Securite Exterieur)   - France
  • Cyprus Intelligence Service (CIS)  - Cyprus
  • National Intelligence Agency (ANR)Democratic Republic of the Congo Intelligence and National Security Department(DIS). - Costa Rica
  • Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)  - Barbados
  • National Intelligence Agency (NIA)  - Gambia
  • Georgian Intelligence Service (GIS)  - Georgia
  • Service d’Intelligence National (SIN)  - Haiti
  • National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS). -Kenya
  • Information and Security Service (SIS)  -Moldova
  • General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia (GIA)  - Mongolia
  • National Security Agency (ANB)  -Montenegro
  • National Investigation Department (NID)  -Nepal
  • Dirección de Inteligencia (DGIN)  - Nicaragua
  • National Intelligence Organization (NIO)  - Papua New Guinea
  • PeruServicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN)  - Peru
  • General Intelligence Presidency (GIP)  - Saudi Arabia
  • Security Information Agency (BIA)  - Serbia
  • National Intelligence and Security Service(NISS)  - Sudan
  • Tanzania Intelligence and Security Service  -Tanzania
  • Ministry of National Security (KNB). -Turkmenistan
  • National Electronic Security Authority (NESA)  - United Arab Emirates
  • Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO)  -Zimbabwe

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