Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Glossary of Geographical terms

  1. Ablation : Loss of ice in the body of  a glacier through melting etc.
  2. Abrasion : Erosion of rocks by water.
  3. Absolute humidity  : Amount of water vapour present in a unit volume of air.
  4. Advection :Transfer of heat through horizontal movement of air.
  5. Bog: An area of soft , wet , spongy ground consisting mainly of decayed or decaying moss and other vegetable matter.  
  6. Clinometer: An instrument used for determining the difference  in elevation between two points.
  7. Coral : A kind of rock formed of polyps forming  reefs in the ocean.
  8. Coniferous: Cone-bearing plants with needle shaped leaves.
  9. Biosphere: That portion on earth and its environment occupied by  various forms of life. 
  10. Downs: Grassland of Australia.

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