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Hanuman mandir patna

Image result for hanu mandir patnaMahavir Mandir, Patna is one of the leading Hanuman temples in the country. Daily thousands of devotees throng the temple and get solace from the worship of Hanumanji. It is a ‘manokamana’ mandir where devotees’ every wish is fulfilled and this is the reason for ever-increasing number of devotees in the temple.
As per the Patna High Court judgment in 1948 the temple exists since time immemorial. But from the scrutiny of historical facts and traditions it appears that this temple was originally established by Swami Balanand, an ascetic of Ramanandi sect in around 1730 A.D.
The main temple has got two idols of Hanumanji one for परित्राणाय साधूनाम् i.e. for the protection of good people and another for विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् i.e. for the elimination of the wicked persons. The temple belongs to Ramanand sect although from 1900 A.D. it had been in the possession of the Gosain Sanyasis till 1948 A.D.
In 1948 A.D. it was declared a public temple by Patna High Court. A new, magnificent temple was reconstructed between 1983 and 1985 at the old site at the initiative of Kishore Kunal with devotees’ contribution and now it is one of the most magnificent temples in the country.
Upon arriving Patna by train one happens to see the famous temple of Lord Hanuman. Just yards away from the northern entrance of the Railway Station, the famous temple is situated and Lord Ganesha in association with Lord Buddha bless the onlookers. Also, the holy words, “prabisi nagar keejai sab kaaja, hriday rakhi koshalpur raaja”(प्रबिसि नगर कीजै सब काजा हृदय राखि कोसलपुर राजा), are inscribed thereon, as if Lord hanuman himself, is blessing people and welcoming them for their success.

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