Friday, 19 August 2016

Today's topic (Indian Polity)

Governor- Art. 153

Article 153 to 167 in Part VI of the Indian constitution deal with the state executive.
*  State executive consists of Governor, C.M., Council of ministers and the Advocate general of State.
*  No office of the Vice Governor is mentioned for the States.
Governor is the nominal executive head like the president, though the chief executive head of the head.
* Usually, there is a governor for each state, but the 7th constitutional amendment act of 1956 facilitated the appointment of the same person as a governor for two or more states.

Appointment of Governor: Art 155

 * The Governor is appointed by the president by warrant under his hand and seal. He is a nominee of the Central government.
* The supreme court in the 1979 held that the office of the governor of a state is not an employment under the central govt.
* It is an independent constitutional office and is not under the control of or Sub-ordinate to the central govt..
*The Canadian model has been accepted

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