Sunday, 14 August 2016

twitter tips

This is the first of many posts. So You signed up for a Twitter account. Now what? Well you Tweet! Find something you want to share with people. Don't be afraid, just be yourself. If you want you can follow me and then send me a note and say you found me on this Blog and I will follow you back. At first Twitter may not seem to make sense, but you just need to dive in head first. Maybe observe a little after you make your first tweet. There are so many different things related to Twitter I am not sure where to begin. It is probably a good idea to fill out you profile and be honest. I am not suggesting that you divulge your home address by any means, but put something interesting about who you are, or what you do. If you have a Blog or a website and you want people to know about it, then put it in your profile. Beside connecting to other people, Twitter is a great source to find out about what is happening around you in this world. In my opinion Twitter was one of the ways that Obama was able to communicate with his followers and had some impact on the election. There are not only individuals on Twitter, but news outlets, see CNN Breaking News.

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