Monday, 5 September 2016

World News Update : last week

1. Indian has signed pact with a country on vocational training ___Germany.
Note:  German technical assistance will be used to increase industry institute partnerships between Indian and German organizations, build capacity of local training institutions and foster industry linkages which will help adapt elements of the German dual system into the Indian context.

2. The country accounted for the highest share of tourist arrival in India ___Bangladesh.

3. World’s largest indoor theme park will open in ____ Dubai.
Note:  United Arab Emirates (UAE) to lure back some of the tourists and residents who often flee abroad during the scorching desert summer.

4. The first Asian Science and Technology Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) was held in___Thailand.
Note:  The purpose of the conference was to discuss the key issues, challenges, needs and opportunities in application of science in policy making and share good practices from the region.

5. Who has launched its first Tibetan-language search engine ‘Yongzin’__China.
Note:  The search engine will serve as a unified portal for all major Tibetan-language websites in China.  There are 8 sections for news, websites, images, videos, music, encyclopedia, literature and forums.

6. The first BRICS Film Festival will be hosted by____India.
Note:  It will be held at the Sirifort Auditorium Complex, New Delhi from 2nd to 6th September, 2016.  The film festival will showcase an amalgamation of culture, films, song, dance and food of the 5-member countries including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  Around 20 films (four from each of the countries) will be scheduled to be screened in the competition section.

7. The Union Cabinet has given its approval for signing of new Air Services Agreement (ASA) between India and ___Fiji.
 The update is as per latest ICAO template keeping in view the latest developments in civil aviation sector and with
an objective to improve the air connectivity between the two countries.

8. The 19th SAARC Summit will host by _____Pakistan.
 The 19th SAARC Summit will host by Islamabad (Pakistan) on 9th and 10th November this year.
 SAARC Summit Cell has been constituted to work with all stakeholders and concerned authorities in Pakistan.

9. Typhoon that made landfall near Tateyama City in Chiba Prefecture south of Tokyo, Japan is__ Mindulle.

10. International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition is observed globally on___ 23rd August

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