Monday, 3 October 2016

Autofollower trick facebook in english with screenshot

This is screenshot when i didn't used autoliker.........

I will teach you how to get autofollower on faceboook and become popular among friend..

In case to get fakebfollower or autofollower
First of all open google then type wefbee
Now simply click on the first resuilt  that is
Auto group poster.... Or you can also follow the link above...
Then you will get result similar to above screeeenshot....
Now click on auto friend request
A new window will appear as i havr posted below....
Now you can see there are two click here buttons....
When you will click on first button you will get almost similar page like me which i have posted below
Now click on second click here you will get result similar to my bolow image...
Now just cut/copy the highlighted part of the above pic
The come back to that page weere two click here was there  you will see a box where it will say to paste token just paste that token
Now hit the login button...
You will se that there is a red button of send auto request to me written click on iy

You will get page like above screenshot....
Then you will get new page and you will se there is a captcha box jst click on box and solve it

Then click on send me auto frnd request

Now  your follower has been boosted...
Repeat again to get more follower

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