Monday, 26 June 2017

Social Media Design, Development & Maintanance


Social Media Marketing allows your brand to be a part of a much larger conversation.

Did you know that the average person is on Facebook 50 minutes a day alone? Did you also know that there are more than 60 million business pages and more than 1 billion personal profile pages on Facebook? These folks could be your potential clients! Social Media Marketing

Let us help you to understand why social media marketing is not a complete waste of time.               
Along with seeing what their friends are up to, what other things might keep each person engaged?  You guessed it interesting articles, photos, how to videos, and much more!

 So how can your business model profit from social media?

Social media marketing has become one of the easiest ways to promote your product or service and get in front of new prospects quick. It is a place where the community can build a relationship with your brand and it serves as a customer service tool to keep your product or service top of mind. Prospects and customers want to get to know you and build a relationship. Regardless of your business model, an active and engaging social presents creates credibility, trust, builds brand advocates and sends all kinds of relevancy signals to search engines for greater SEO.

Need more proof that you need to be engaging on social media?

The internet has changed the way consumers shop for what they want NOW. As you know, searching through the phonebook or newspaper is no longer the go to place for ideas on a project or to hire a contractor to do the work. More and more people turn to their peers on social media for recommendations on a lawn service, local plumbers, or local restaurant recommendations. Social Media Marketing has opened the door for “Get it Now” marketing and business promotion. Each business must implement a consistent social media strategy to survive and stay top of mind.

We often hear… “I’ve tried social media but I’ve gained little to no business with it”.

Business Social Media Marketing must be targeted, consistent, and engaging with visuals. Posting on your business pages hoping people will miraculously find you can become very frustrating. Many businesses use this approach and end up giving up on social media all together. A strategy must be in place to engage with those who want to hear from you on a daily basis because they do. To achieve this, AddMarts creates and develop eye-catching platforms that have folks engaged and coming back to your pages for more. We build your target community for you during the development stage then teach you how to continue the daily engagement. We can also guide you through the process of advertising so that you can continue to target your market after the development stage.

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